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The beautiful Elk Valley is the "Gateway" to southeast British Columbia and at its heart is the mountain community of Fernie B.C. Fernie BC is steeped in a history rich in Native legends and coal mining; more recently Fernie's renown has come from its growing tourism industry.

Fernie' s spectacular mountain setting, nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains offers unique opportunities for visitors, those interested in relocating, and business investors with a host of year round adventures, a beautiful historic downtown, and Unparalleled access to nature.

Fernie British Columbia, Real Estate

Fernie BC Real Estate Feature Article

Fernie BC Properties - Homes for sale In Fernie BC

Moving to Fernie BCFernie BC is currently undergoing a lot of change as we are becoming a popular destination for both visitors and those looking to relocate here because of our envious lifestyle.

One of the major items that has affected Fernie's growth was the sale of Fernie Snow Valley to the Lake Louise Group in May of 1997. The additional focus on Fernie BC because of this has definitely impacted our current real estate market and has also accelerated the development of new subdivisions in town and at Fernie Alpine Resort.

All of the plans have been developed in phases with build out being targeted anywhere from five to fifteen years, depending on market strength. More specific to the developments within the city itself, if all developers are able to see their plans fully completed we will gain around 2,000 new housing units. These numbers don't take into account infill and reconstruction in the existing subdivisions. To keep things in perspective, Fernie BC currently has about 2,500 housing units.

The general indication from the developers is they are targeting recreational home owners - either as a second home (increasing our non resident "shadow" population) or as relocations for people choosing Fernie BC for its lifestyle. Some are bringing their business interests with them while others are retiring here. In any event, the typical client is looking at Fernie BC for its lifestyle offerings as they are quite active and are enjoying skiing, golfing, fishing, hiking, biking, arts and culture, etc. This changing trend in our demographics makes it difficult to project our population potential.

The 1991 Canada Census showed a population of 5,012 and the 1996 stats showed a population of 4,877; effectively indicating a shrinking population. However, recent estimates indicate our population has again climbed over the 5,200 mark. What the stats don't show is the influx of seasonal residents, particularly in the winter when our rental unit vacancy rate is at zero, nor does it indicate the number of people owning and using their homes as recreational properties.

The majority of input from the community indicates there is strong desire to maintain the "small town friendly attitude" that makes Fernie BC unique.

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